Bout Day! ECC v The Rec-Oning

Bout Day! It’s been and gone. East Coast Cyclones took on the seriously mighty Rookies of Limerick Roller Derby and Pigtown Boys- “The Rec-Oning”- and wow, did we lose our shirt!! We got trounced, badly. Really great stuff but shit, we need to examine the video to see what made you guys so good and us so crap!! Okay, not crap, but certainly less awesome! A combo of amazing offence from ye and poor reactions from us contributed I suspect! Regardless, we’ll learn from it!!

Thank you so much guys for making the trip up and thank you everyone who helped out- hopefully you saw your name mentioned in our online bout programme – here. It will be hidden again in a day or so, to be re-purposed for a later bout date!!

Final score: 234 to 101… Hmm. And congrats again!! 🙂

We hope to be back on track bouting someone 23rd September.  We could do with an opponent however- anyone want to play us?! Contact us on or get us through our Facebook page, here:


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