East Coast Cyclones v Cork City Firebirds

Change of Venue!

But not apologising, not if it means we all get to play and the alternative was going to be a crappy cancellation.  Look, we all know the difficulties facing the smaller Irish roller derby teams these days- recruitment of skaters, keeping skaters, old age, injuries, rustling up refs and NSOs, venues, poor support, no money etc. Lets make this bout a great one, get some fab action pics of everyone doing their good thang and share, share, share!

So… East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby are now hosting the Firebirds bout that was due to be held 25th November @ Little Island, Cork City.

The game will now be played in Bray:

St. Kilian’s Sports Hall, School’s Road, Off Boghall Road, Bray, Co Wicklow

ALL TIMES TO BE CONFIRMED- please keep an eye on the new Facebook event page here:


Wouldst thou like to gloriously Ref or NSO for us? Please say yes. This bout is already hanging by a thread and we’re not too proud to beg, bribe, make promises to reciprocate etc.

Ref and NSOs can register here. If you had signed up for the Cork game and are up for a visit to Beautiful Bray, would you mind re-registering here?  We’ll happily and with gratitude and much love get you added to the days’ roster. Thank you!


Any questions, PM us on FB:


Or email:


Mass T-Struction (uhhh, responsible for Bout production apparently) on behalf of East Coast Cyclones thanks y’all!


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