Fresh Meat 2018

East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby are proud as punch to present “Fresh Meat 2018”, a 12 week on-skates course for anyone who wants to learn how to play roller derby- the fastest growing sport in the world (we heard…). And we mean anyone- women, men, all genders or none, LGBTQ, whatever you’re having yourself. All fitness levels, all shapes, all sizes and any age (once you’re over 18). Think you can’t do it ‘cos you have never skated or it’s been a million years since you last tried? No worries. We’ll teach you all you need to know.

Need to exercise but hate the gym? We hear ya. Skating and roller derby in particular is amazing exercise- it builds strength, stamina, agility, compares well to HIIT (high intensity interval training) and you can burn up over a thousand calories in a couple of hours (fat burning, cardio and peak zones). You’ll sweat buckets and your muscles will ache the first couple of sessions but at the same time you’ll feel physically and mentally amazing. Strong and ferocious, like a tiger. You’ll have fun and you will adapt fast!

So if all that sounds good to you and you fancy a taster, come up to our free Open Skate Night Monday evening 5th February in Bray. Drop us a line to let us know you’re coming and we’ll organise a loan of roller skates and safety gear in your size. You’ll get to meet some of the team, talk to the Rookies (the last lot of Fresh Meat 2017) and see for yourself what East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby are all about.

Message us here, on Facebook or email, or register your interest in the open night here:

Course Date Details:

5th Feb, Open Night
12th Feb, Week 1
19th Feb, Week 2
26th Feb, Week 3
5th Mar, Week 4
12th Mar, Week 5
26th Mar, Week 6
9th Apr, Week 7
16th Apr, Week 8
23rd Apr, Week 9
30th Apr, Week 10
14th May, Week 11
21th May, Week 12
28th May, Minimum Skills Final

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