The Hail Marys v The Lightning Strikers

So who do we ECC think we are going off and growing as club, getting members and the like? We’ve only gone and got enough people to put together a couple of intraleague teams- The Hail Marys v The Lightning Strikers (weather-related, related to Cyclones… gettit?) and we hope to have our very first game this month, Friday 23rd February! Notions!!

We may have skaters but we’re short referees and NSOs. If you’re free that evening (in every sense of the word), is there any possibility you could help us out with your rare and mad skillz?

St Kilians Sports Hall, Schools Road, Off Boghall Road, Bray, Co Wicklow. The hall with the especially shitty floor. Time TBC but we only have access to the hall between 7 and 9pm… Kinda of a bitch if you’re travelling¬† into Bray from north or south direction but let’s say First Whistle around 730pm?

Sign up here!


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