What’s Happening @ ECC

I’ve tried to get other people interested in da blog but it’s just not happening. You’d swear that people have no time or actual lives or something.  Turns out I have something on myself- a college assignment to get in this week and I’ve some reading to do so keeping this short and sweet!

Here’s the latest!


Freshmeat 2018

Freshmeat Class of 2018 Pt 2 kicked off Monday 17th September at Ballywaltim Community Centre in Bray and whooohoo, great turnout! We’ve just over a dozen people starting out and a couple of drop-ins from Freshmeat Class of 2018 Pt 1 who will occasionally show face.



ECC v Spa Town Roller Derby, 6th October 2018

Next up is our bout against Spa Town Roller Derby, all the way from Harrogate, UK! We’re really looking forward to this one and it should be a super day of roller derby. Our bout is going to be the afternoon bout, first whistle tbc but we think 3pm.

And that frees up the early afternoon for something else fun! We put out a call to see who on our fair island was interested in an aul’ skate, and we got a gratifyingly hearty response. Enough people to host potentially a mixed level co-ed scrimmage at any rate, provided we can get the refs and NSOs. A gratifyingly hearty response! We hope to confirm everything soon but if you’ve got Minimum Skills and a little bit of scrimmage experience, you’re welcome to register your interest. This link!


If you’re a ref or NSO and available to help out that day, this is the form for you.


And the event page is here, where we’ll post up the schedule (very soon) and link to digital bout programme (day before).


Venue:  Shoreline Leisure, Greystones, Co Wicklow. Parking on site but its a busy day there with the gym, pool etc so car sharing is recommended. That stretch is serviced by the 84 bus  but like, every 2 days- it’s a shit service. And the DART – 15 minute walk from the village.  Happy Pear people are there, so healthy snacks, coffee etc available. Note however there is no ATM site so please bring cash- especially if you want to buy any lovely merch!



ECC v Seasters, ECC v Waterford City Viqueens, 20th October 2018

Nearly missed this one. It’s now in the planning and I’m not playing (booooo!) so I don’t have a huge amount of detail on it. But I will find out and I will update accordingly.

Update! ECC v Seasters Adriatic Roller Derby AND Waterford City Viqueens! Ambitious much? Time to quit those fags Feely, we need ya breathing for a doubler!

Not only do we need healthy-lunged players, we need Refs and NSOs. If you’re available to help out that day, we’d be grateful for a signup. Google Form here:


Facebook event thing here:


Shoreline Leisure Greystones is the venue, schedule to be confirmed but those details coming soon. Along with details of where and when for the after party!



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