On the 8th of October, 2011 a handful of ladies met in a pub on the seafront in Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland to discuss the formation of a Roller Derby team. On that historic night, “The Greystones Cyclones” roller derby team was born

Training began in a tiny parish hall in Kilcoole, circling the hall twice a week, learning to keep stable, to stop, to fall safely and then how to do new moves we found on YouTube. Next step was to recruit a batch of newbies or “Freshmeat” and pass on all the skating skills and knowledge we had learned so far.

With numbers growing, we needed a bigger training space and realiased that our group and training would have to be structured more formally. We also realised that “The Greystones Cyclones” name no longer represented us and we rebranded ourselves as “East Coast Cyclones”, incorporating all our lovely members from Wicklow, Dublin and all over. So… with yet another group of Freshmeat converted to the cause, meetings were called (usually involving baked goods and treats!) and a committee was born.

vintage derby 2