Bout Day

Roller Derby Double Header

Shoreline Leisure Centre, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

9th February 2019

Doors Open To Skaters, Refs and Officials 11am

Doors Open To The Public 12pm


East Coast Cyclones v Cork City Firebirds

Captains Meeting 1140am (tbc)

Cork Warmups 12pm

ECC Warmups 1210pm

First Whistle 1230pm


Head Ref: Duracell

Head NSO: Oh Crêpe!



East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby – click, tap or hover for number and name


Cork City Firebirds- click, tap or hover for number and name



Black v White Co Ed Mixed Scrimmage

The Scrim

Captains Meeting 220pm (tbc)

Black Warmups 230pm

White Warmups 240pm

First Whistle 3pm


L’équipe Noire – click, tap or hover for number and name


L’équipe Blanche – click, tap or hover for number and name


A Quick Guide to Roller Derby





Thank You Everyone

The Refs and NSOs who volunteer their precious time- without them we can’t skate. Head Ref Duracell, Head NSO Oh Crêpe! (best name) and all the officials on and off skates, thank you so much.

Thank you Cork for making the trip! Without talented and skilled opponents we don’t learn and improve and we definitely don’t skate! And the scrim! It’s amazing that we can all get together like this to put on a game for everyone.

And thank you everyone for coming to watch! Tell your friends cool full contact demanding sports stuff is happening in Bray, Co. Wicklow and watch out for details of out next Freshmeat recruitment intake.

After Party @ The Martello in Bray, an area will be reserved from 6pm. Check in with ECC before you leave the hall to confirm times or if you don’t know where it is! All welcome!

Love, Gratitude, Jellies and Derby Kisses, 

Everyone at East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby