We Got Game

Its been a while since anything new was added to the blog, but shite, we all have lives right? And between work, studying and Other Stuff (I won’t say training, ‘cos that’d be an out and out lie), its been tricky to find a minute to post an update.

So what’s going on with glorious ECC these days?

Saturday, 28th April

Waterford Viqueens are hosting “Victory or Valhalla” at the Kingfisher, Waterford City. A slightly different tournament in terms of structure and rules- each game will be 20 minutes long, one point per scoring pass and no run backs/recycling.  Might have seen something somewhere about jams running the full 2 minutes and no calling it off but I could also be making that up. Six leagues will go head to head and all out for sweat, blood and glory- a convoy of ECC are heading down Friday night which means they’ll be well-watered and well-rested- watch out!

First whistle, 10am, fiver at the door for spectators, kids under 12 go free.  More on Facebook, search out Waterford Viqueens- I’m in work and FB is blocked so I can’t get the link to paste.

Saturday, 12th May

How about this one? ECC are off to Italia, at the invitation of the wonderful Crimson Vipers of Bergamo.  We’ve just about a full squad heading over and it should be great craic. If I were going (and not skating), I’d be live Tweeting all the fun stuff but unfortunately I’m not- I’ll be on the plane the day before heading in the other direction, booooooh!

https://www.facebook.com/events/199844890615085 (got this link out of Google)

Friday, 18th May (tbc)

Intraleague in back! The Hail Marys v The Lightning Strikers in their thrilling second bout. Read all about the super-humiliating take-down of the Lightning Strikers at the inaugural game here:


Turns out there was blood spilt that night, someone got a split lip I believe. Or possibly a splinter. Either way, revenge is nigh and we’ll be pleading for some refs and NSO’s to keep a lid on things. Watch this space (date subject to people finally getting back to other people with their availability. And whether or not they actually want to play.).

Monday 21st/28th May

Freshmeat 2018 Part 1 wraps up with the much-beloved Minimum Skills assessment. We’ve got Freshies. Will we soon have Rookies? I’ve seens some skillz out there, so pretty sure that we’ll be adding some more new talent to our growing derby family.

Freshmeat 2018 Part 2 is expected to start September, to be preceded by a couple of open skate/information session nights mid August. Once we have dates sussed, we’ll post here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a poster up on noticeboard or two. Probably Costa and Tesco Bray. The other half usually slips one onto the board in Dell Cherrywood too, so you can’t say we didn’t tell ya.