The Rematch: ECC v “The FireQueens”

Beautiful Bray’s beautiful East Coast Cyclones will take on the combined and fabulous fury of Cork City Firebirds and Waterford City Viqueens, bouting as “The FireQueens” Saturday 23rd September in Shoreline Leisure Centre, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

This is “THE REMATCH”. Last time we played The FireQueens, back in April, we lost…. boooo… but with some new tricks up our sleeve, fresh young blood (who have managed to get our team age average down to the mid-30s…) and a renewed “groove” we’re pretty certain we can turn that around this game ;).  Hear us ROAAAAAARRRRRRRR! Yeah okay, calm down there now.

Equally as awesome as playing our southern buddies from An Déise and The Rebel County, we have the venue for the whole day! Which means potential for lots and lots of roller derby! Instead of the usual second bout (for which we have no opponent anyway), we’re thinking about hosting a “Co-Ed Sur5al”. We’ve never done it before but here’s the gist:

Sur5al rules are slightly different than normal derby play:

  • Teams of 5 skaters play each other once in a full 2 minute jam
  • There’s no calling off the jam
  • For each jam, 5 points are awarded for a win, 2 points for a draw and zero points for a loss, additionally each lead jammer status earns 1 point (max of 6 points can be awarded per Jam)
  • Major penalties are assessed by having the skater yield 10 feet behind the pack but penalties are COUNTED and the 7th penalty will result in fouling out.  You can skate as low as 3 players and after that you have to forfeit any remaining games
  • The winners are the team with the highest number of Sur5al points

And how many officials are needed? Not sure but we think at least…

  • A minimum of 4 skating refs
  • A jam timer x 1, scorekeepers x 2, score updater x 1 and an announcer (would be amazing…)

How many teams can participate?

  • Also not sure but we’ll figure it out as we gather numbers and work out the leftover time that we’ll have after the first bout.
  • We have a query in with the genius inventors of Sur5al, the Royal Windsor Rollergirls and they say up to 9 teams can play in 2 hours but we need to think about that too as we’re fairly sure we won’t have 9 teams!!

So right now we are taking Expression of Interest- register here if you’re up for it and we’ll be in touch as we know more!

Also happy to take advice, abuse and derision from those who have hosted Sur5al before if we’re totally mad or totally wrong in any or all of our assumptions!



Bout Day! ECC v The Rec-Oning

Bout Day! It’s been and gone. East Coast Cyclones took on the seriously mighty Rookies of Limerick Roller Derby and Pigtown Boys- “The Rec-Oning”- and wow, did we lose our shirt!! We got trounced, badly. Really great stuff but shit, we need to examine the video to see what made you guys so good and us so crap!! Okay, not crap, but certainly less awesome! A combo of amazing offence from ye and poor reactions from us contributed I suspect! Regardless, we’ll learn from it!!

Thank you so much guys for making the trip up and thank you everyone who helped out- hopefully you saw your name mentioned in our online bout programme – here. It will be hidden again in a day or so, to be re-purposed for a later bout date!!

Final score: 234 to 101… Hmm. And congrats again!! 🙂

We hope to be back on track bouting someone 23rd September.  We could do with an opponent however- anyone want to play us?! Contact us on or get us through our Facebook page, here:

Intro to Freshmeat


Wow, interest in our two Intro to Freshmeat nights is really starting to hot up!! It’s so fantastic to see people getting more and more into skating and roller derby in particular!

We still have a few places left for both open nights 21st August and 4th September- if you’re interested in coming along to have a fun skate with us and learn all about our Freshmeat beginners roller derby course starting September, register here: