Summer Scrimmin’


Time for scrim! It had been a while but East Coast Cyclones and visitors Boomtown Rollers got down to some fun co-ed scrimmage last Friday evening, 21st July- well done new Rookies on both teams and everyone else who took on new roles for the night! Hel Razor as ECC Captain, Purple Hayez and Fanny Pack as pack boss, Jenna and Jamangi on alternate, lineup and bench coach, Foxy and Nip as blockers for Boomtown! Some of us, ie just me aka Mass T-Struction aka Pantichrist (my only clean black top on Friday) were too out practice to step far outside the comfort zone so happily blocked all night. Will jam next time, I swear.

It was a close fought bout- I can’t remember the exact score but Team Black ECC won by only a few points. It was a learning experience for all- and that includes the experienced players as it had been a while since we all scrimmaged together.

Thank you everyone – Jenna Tail Ya and Jamangi for lineup and bench coach, Boomie skaters for making the trip out to us, thank you Duracell, Peanuts and Nutritional Beast for awesome (and instructional) reffing, thank you Ciara River Slam, Darren F, Luca-son-of-Foxy and Rian-brother-of-Saoirse for all the hard NSO work. Did I get everyone? Comments box below is available for updates and abuse.

Award winners on the night:

East Coast Cyclones

  • Saoirse Ni Mathuna aka “S ‘n’ M”, MVP
  • Piercy Galore, Best Blocker
  • Scrambled Heggs, Best Jammer

Whooohooo, go ECC!

Boomtown Rollers

  • Ed Banger, MVP
  • Tinacious T, Best Blocker
  • I’da Boss, Best Jammer

That was a blast, can’t wait to do it again soon.