East Coast Cyclones v Dublin Roller Derby C

Shit, that came up fast and I didn’t have a chance to write a fawning piece glorifying both teams.  So go, ECC. And you too, DRD.

But of course, really rooting for the home team (let’s go Cyclones, LET’S GO!) and the jersey I wear. To the gym. Haven’t had skates on in a while, but now and then I still like to pretend I’m cool and tough and the vest comes out.

All proceeds at the door will be donated to the Bray Women’s Refuge. It’s €5 spectator entry, under 16s FREE as usual but please feel free to be as generous as you like on the day. No ATM on site unfortunately, so please, bring cash and lots of change!

Find out more about their very important work here:


All event times and updates to come can be found here:


Digital bout programme will be available Friday night- link will be posted on Facebook, Twitter etc along with a link in the Main Menu here on this website.

Looking forward to day of superb derby, see you there!