Save The Date!

We’ve a few Home games lined up for 2019 – and when the time comes (and when the games are ours to host), we’ll be annoying the world and his mother for refs, NSOs, love and attention. So consider this a heads up.

Away dates coming soon!


9th February, Shoreline Greystones – Double Header

ECC v Cork City Firebirders

Mixed Co-Ed Scrimmage


April 6th, Shoreline Greystones – Double Header

ECC v Galway City Roller Derby

2nd Bout Mixed Co-Ed Scrim


June 29th, Shoreline Greystones – Double Header

Everything TBC


July 6th, Shoreline Greystones – Double Header

ECC v Rotterdam Roller Derby

2nd Bout TBC


October 19th, Away Game – Double Header

Belfast Roller Derby v TBC

ECC v Galway City Roller Derby



Double Header, 9th February 2019

ECC’s season opener will kick off with a bangin’ bout against the fearsome Cork City Firebirds. The date: Saturday, 9th February. The place: Shoreline Leisure, Greystones in the Garden County of Wicklow. Don’t miss this one!

The second bout will be a mixed level co-ed Black v White scrimmage, open to all over the age of 18 with Minimum Skills and some scrimmage experience with their league. Also fine to register if you’re currently unaffiliated but have recent experience.

So register your interest here and please feel free to share this link with your league and derby buddies far and wide- we’ll need minimum numbers to make this happen!

If you’re a Ref and NSO and available to help out for the entire day, we’d really love to have you on board. This is your signup form!

All timings to be confirmed!

Keep an eye on our Facebook event page for updates… in case I don’t make it back here to update this post.


What’s Happening @ ECC

I’ve tried to get other people interested in da blog but it’s just not happening. You’d swear that people have no time or actual lives or something.  Turns out I have something on myself- a college assignment to get in this week and I’ve some reading to do so keeping this short and sweet!

Here’s the latest!


Freshmeat 2018

Freshmeat Class of 2018 Pt 2 kicked off Monday 17th September at Ballywaltim Community Centre in Bray and whooohoo, great turnout! We’ve just over a dozen people starting out and a couple of drop-ins from Freshmeat Class of 2018 Pt 1 who will occasionally show face.



ECC v Spa Town Roller Derby, 6th October 2018

Next up is our bout against Spa Town Roller Derby, all the way from Harrogate, UK! We’re really looking forward to this one and it should be a super day of roller derby. Our bout is going to be the afternoon bout, first whistle tbc but we think 3pm.

And that frees up the early afternoon for something else fun! We put out a call to see who on our fair island was interested in an aul’ skate, and we got a gratifyingly hearty response. Enough people to host potentially a mixed level co-ed scrimmage at any rate, provided we can get the refs and NSOs. A gratifyingly hearty response! We hope to confirm everything soon but if you’ve got Minimum Skills and a little bit of scrimmage experience, you’re welcome to register your interest. This link!

If you’re a ref or NSO and available to help out that day, this is the form for you.

And the event page is here, where we’ll post up the schedule (very soon) and link to digital bout programme (day before).

Venue:  Shoreline Leisure, Greystones, Co Wicklow. Parking on site but its a busy day there with the gym, pool etc so car sharing is recommended. That stretch is serviced by the 84 bus  but like, every 2 days- it’s a shit service. And the DART – 15 minute walk from the village.  Happy Pear people are there, so healthy snacks, coffee etc available. Note however there is no ATM site so please bring cash- especially if you want to buy any lovely merch!



ECC v Seasters, ECC v Waterford City Viqueens, 20th October 2018

Nearly missed this one. It’s now in the planning and I’m not playing (booooo!) so I don’t have a huge amount of detail on it. But I will find out and I will update accordingly.

Update! ECC v Seasters Adriatic Roller Derby AND Waterford City Viqueens! Ambitious much? Time to quit those fags Feely, we need ya breathing for a doubler!

Not only do we need healthy-lunged players, we need Refs and NSOs. If you’re available to help out that day, we’d be grateful for a signup. Google Form here:–S9JzRbjGiKtg9HWA/viewform

Facebook event thing here:

Shoreline Leisure Greystones is the venue, schedule to be confirmed but those details coming soon. Along with details of where and when for the after party!


Double Header, 6th October 2018

Hey, we’ve been so wrapped up in prepping for our Autumn Freshmeat intake this month that we forgot to mention we’re actually going to be playing some roller dergy soon!

East Coast Cyclones take on Spa Town Roller Derby, travelling all the way from Harrogate, UK, Saturday 6th of  October at Shoreline Leisure, Greystones, Co Wicklow, the thrilling afternoon bout in a day of roller derby. First game will see our buddies at Dublin Roller Derby take on a mystery guest- to be announced soon!

This is kind of a “Save The Date”- Shoreline Leisure Greystones is absolutely confirmed as our venue for the day but all timings subject to change.

Are you an official of the Zebra or Flamingo kind? Are you available to help us out that day? For nothing but gratitude and jellies? If so, please sign up here!

Facebook Event page is here- let us know if you’re coming along!

#letsgocyclones #thisisspatown #wearedrd #mysterydate

We Want New Teamies!

It’s that time of year- East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby are recruiting for new members and we want you!

Join us for a free fun skate, derby demo and information session September 3rd and 10th in Bray, Co Wicklow where we’ll tell you all about our 12 week total beginners course that prepares you to join our derby family as a Rookie. Don’t worry if haven’t been on skates in a million years, or have never skated- we’ll teach you!

Roller derby is a full contact team sport that burns a rake of calories while building stamina, strength and confidence that you can take anywhere! We welcome anyone over the age of 18- women, men, all genders and none, all shapes, all sizes, all fitness levels. We are inclusive, lovely and lots of fun.

Have we caught your interest? If you fancy coming along to one of our nights, register your details here (including shoe size, so we can loan you gear) and we’ll be in touch the week before to confirm.

Follow our Facebook page for details and event updates!

And the actual FB event page, here:

East Coast Cyclones v Dublin Roller Derby C

Shit, that came up fast and I didn’t have a chance to write a fawning piece glorifying both teams.  So go, ECC. And you too, DRD.

But of course, really rooting for the home team (let’s go Cyclones, LET’S GO!) and the jersey I wear. To the gym. Haven’t had skates on in a while, but now and then I still like to pretend I’m cool and tough and the vest comes out.

All proceeds at the door will be donated to the Bray Women’s Refuge. It’s €5 spectator entry, under 16s FREE as usual but please feel free to be as generous as you like on the day. No ATM on site unfortunately, so please, bring cash and lots of change!

Find out more about their very important work here:

All event times and updates to come can be found here:

Digital bout programme will be available Friday night- link will be posted on Facebook, Twitter etc along with a link in the Main Menu here on this website.

Looking forward to day of superb derby, see you there!




An Open Letter To All Kind, Sweet Derby Folk

Well Hello,

Are you well?

ECC and DRD C battle it out at Shoreline Leisure Centre, Greystones, Co Wicklow Saturday 21st July and – surprise, surprise- we really need officials, Refs and NSOs.  This is a begging letter! If you’re at a loose end and fancy a thrilling day of roller derby (all while boosting your good karma), sign up here!

And please, feel free to share the link far and wide:

There will be a second bout of some description. A Cherry Popper, a Rookie Bout or maybe a Co-Ed… Who knows. If you or your league have any thoughts, comments or strong opinions on this, get in touch. Or if you’re a league who wants to play us, that’s cool too. We’re up for two games.

As ever, unending gratitude, close to bottomless Haribo and maybe even a pint or two will be your reward… If by chance we organise an After Party. And if by chance anyone from ECC, the most anti-social derby team in the world, actually attends.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you!

Fabulous ECC

We Got Game

Its been a while since anything new was added to the blog, but shite, we all have lives right? And between work, studying and Other Stuff (I won’t say training, ‘cos that’d be an out and out lie), its been tricky to find a minute to post an update.

So what’s going on with glorious ECC these days?

Saturday, 28th April

Waterford Viqueens are hosting “Victory or Valhalla” at the Kingfisher, Waterford City. A slightly different tournament in terms of structure and rules- each game will be 20 minutes long, one point per scoring pass and no run backs/recycling.  Might have seen something somewhere about jams running the full 2 minutes and no calling it off but I could also be making that up. Six leagues will go head to head and all out for sweat, blood and glory- a convoy of ECC are heading down Friday night which means they’ll be well-watered and well-rested- watch out!

First whistle, 10am, fiver at the door for spectators, kids under 12 go free.  More on Facebook, search out Waterford Viqueens- I’m in work and FB is blocked so I can’t get the link to paste.

Saturday, 12th May

How about this one? ECC are off to Italia, at the invitation of the wonderful Crimson Vipers of Bergamo.  We’ve just about a full squad heading over and it should be great craic. If I were going (and not skating), I’d be live Tweeting all the fun stuff but unfortunately I’m not- I’ll be on the plane the day before heading in the other direction, booooooh! (got this link out of Google)

Friday, 18th May (tbc)

Intraleague in back! The Hail Marys v The Lightning Strikers in their thrilling second bout. Read all about the super-humiliating take-down of the Lightning Strikers at the inaugural game here:

Turns out there was blood spilt that night, someone got a split lip I believe. Or possibly a splinter. Either way, revenge is nigh and we’ll be pleading for some refs and NSO’s to keep a lid on things. Watch this space (date subject to people finally getting back to other people with their availability. And whether or not they actually want to play.).

Monday 21st/28th May

Freshmeat 2018 Part 1 wraps up with the much-beloved Minimum Skills assessment. We’ve got Freshies. Will we soon have Rookies? I’ve seens some skillz out there, so pretty sure that we’ll be adding some more new talent to our growing derby family.

Freshmeat 2018 Part 2 is expected to start September, to be preceded by a couple of open skate/information session nights mid August. Once we have dates sussed, we’ll post here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a poster up on noticeboard or two. Probably Costa and Tesco Bray. The other half usually slips one onto the board in Dell Cherrywood too, so you can’t say we didn’t tell ya.

Well That Was Fun

“Two houses, both alike in dignity. In fair (?) Bray where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean…”.

Yeah… okay… thanks for that. Stop now.

It may not have been a drama worthy of Shakespeare and there was no blood. Or ancient grudge. But hey, it was a pretty momentous occasion. For us anyway. East Coast Cyclones Roller Derby, for the first time in our seven year history had enough members and qualified skaters to form two intraleague teams.

The day was Friday 23rd, a cold night in February. The time, well, was supposed to be 730pm but was closer to 8-ish. The place, St Kilian’s Sports Hall of shitty floor fame. The geographical location, Bray. The less said about that, the better. The houses of which I spake, “The Hail Marys” versus “The Lightning Strikers”, in Green and Orange respectively.

The whistle blew and straight away… Let’s just say that if there had been a ball, team Orange dropped it, Green picked it up and just ran and ran. And fair play. As scorekeeper, I saw some good stuff from both teams but the Greens had it from the start. Strong, nippy jamming, communication, good offence and great defence… They just had their shit a little more together than team Orange. Seizing lead jammer consistently, I saw some great calling off the jams, while other times their jammer knew just to keep on going, spotting and shooting through the holes in the opposition (some made by the Greens, some naturally occurring), racking up those points and rattling the Oranges.  Orange, a little slow reacting, and possibly a bit surprised and thrown by the early lead grabbed by the Greens recovered later but for this first game, it was just a little too late. A short second period was unfortunate (goddamn late first whistle) and a little more time might have closed the gap, but only slightly… The Greens won. Defo.

Final score 196 – 58 to The Hail Marys. Possibly with religion on their side. Next time, Lightning Strikers, we call on the full might of Zeus. If it takes my own blood in the moonlight, we will win.

Next intraleague date, coming soon!

Thank you refs and NSOs who made the trip to Bray- Duracell, Ms Fury, EdBanger, Nutritional Beast, Jimbob and Mars, our own Fanny Pack finally on the mend as head NSO, Freshmeat Cathy Q learning all about penalties and Mass T-Struction and other half Special K on scorekeeping.

Big thank you to Mr Foxyblocks Al McAleese for some great pics!

The Hail Marys v The Lightning Strikers

So who do we ECC think we are going off and growing as club, getting members and the like? We’ve only gone and got enough people to put together a couple of intraleague teams- The Hail Marys v The Lightning Strikers (weather-related, related to Cyclones… gettit?) and we hope to have our very first game this month, Friday 23rd February! Notions!!

We may have skaters but we’re short referees and NSOs. If you’re free that evening (in every sense of the word), is there any possibility you could help us out with your rare and mad skillz?

St Kilians Sports Hall, Schools Road, Off Boghall Road, Bray, Co Wicklow. The hall with the especially shitty floor. Time TBC but we only have access to the hall between 7 and 9pm… Kinda of a bitch if you’re travelling  into Bray from north or south direction but let’s say First Whistle around 730pm?

Sign up here!